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We've heard it before

"I can't draw a stick figure."

A woman standing next to her large scale painting that she created with Olya Losina in a 3-month long project about copying paintings by the Old Masters.
Kathy T.
Start-Up Founder
With her work after 1.5 years with Prima Materia.

"I don't have an artistic gene."

A high school student standing in front of her large scale painting of a jelly fish that she created in the College Art Portfolio Program.
Veena B.
High schooler
With her painting, after 8 months with Prima Materia.

"I've been told I'm not talented."

A high school student surrounded by her 29-piece portfolio that she created in the College Art Portfolio Program.
Anika M.
High schooler
With her portfolio, after 1 month with Prima Materia.

But we know: everyone is an artist.

"These classes are a really important part of my life”
Kay G., SDSU Professor
Painting Course
“I've been impressed with what I am accomplishing, I didn't expect to see that at all.”
“These are the best classes I have ever taken!!”
“I did not think that I’d be able to actually draw what I wanted. I am surprised to see how well I was able to draw at the end of the second class.”
Jeremy Hollingworth,
College Portfolio Program
“I was amazed at how easily she was able to turn each of us into an artist.”
“It is an amazing experience. It is much more than drawing. It is a life experience.”
Mike Packard, Software Engineer
Essential Drawing Course for Beginners

We believe everyone is an artist

For the past 30 years, we've perfected our teaching method to help anyone with an interest in becoming an artist to achieve their dream in as little as a year.

About us
Jeremy H., Portfolio Graduate & Olya Losina, Prima Materia Founder, discussing Jeremy's portfolio for Gnoman. Jeremy was the youngest student to be accepted to Gnoman, ever!

Olya Losina, founder of Prima Materia, and one of her Portfolio Program graduates, Jeremy H., who was the youngest student to be accepted to Gnomon, School of Visual Effects. Jeremy had no art experience before joining the College Art Portfolio Program.

college portfolio program

Create an art portfolio in one year or less

Develop a strong art portfolio that will get you accepted to the school of your dreams. Win scholarships, enhance your skills, and be fully prepared for the college experience. The College Portfolio Program will help you in every step, from skill development to application submissions.

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A portfolio graduate is sitting next to her large scale finished painting which is commentary on gun violence, completed in Advanced Coaching.

Valentina C., a Portfolio Program Graduate from Brazil, who was accepted to UAL, one of the top art schools in the world.

drawing & painting courses

Build your art skills and learn new techniques

Courses immerse you into a specific medium or technique. You'll practice drawing or painting with step-by-step live instruction while learning about art history and expanding your body of work.
New courses are regularly scheduled.

Start creating
A finished student painting that was a study done after Vincent van Gogh, completed in one of our art courses.

Painting by student, Mimi U. This piece was made in the "Sculpting With a Brush: How To Be Van Gogh" with Nikusha Beatty.

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