View our students' work

Claudia is showing off her large scale painting, where the assignment was to copy an ancient sculpture with sponge rollers.
Lulu's unique portrait that was created in the 6 week course "Portrait in Pieces".
Erika standing between two artworks she created in "Portraits in Mixed Media" - one portrait is a copy of an ancient sculpture, the other is a self portrait.
Phyllis's watercolor painting of a desert landscape, using the dry brush technique to achieve texture.
Leanne's pen and ink drawing of an ancient bas relief sculpture depicting an angel playing an instrument.
Leanne's 30 second sketches of figures, overlapping each figure to create an almost abstract painting.
Mia's large scale mixed media portrait, where she utilized 30 second sketches to create the texture of hair.
Lulu standing next to her large scale abstract painting.
Audrey's copy of Michelangelo's drapery drawing, completed in "Drawing Drapery".
Samara's watercolor painting of a bunch of tomatoes on a vine, using the wet into wet technique.