Private Consulting

With Olya Losina

Olya Losina with a student
Private Consulting

One-on-one Coaching and Consulting

A private consultation provides a dedicated opportunity for artists who are focused on advancing their art career.

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Take advantage of Olya's expertise and experience in a dedicated 1-1 session. This service is ideal for those looking for a tailored and individualized approach to their artistic development, and who are committed to investing in their success.

Areas where you can benefit from a private session:

You are welcome to come with any request or questions that are important to you. A free 10-minute consultation is available for scheduling by calling (802) 505-7624

Rate: $500/hr
Consultations are conducted in-person or via zoom. In-person sessions that require travel are subject to additional cost.

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About Olya Losina

Olya Losina is a Russian-born academically trained artist, art educator and the founder of Prima Materia Art Institute. Her career spans over 30 years of teaching art, public speaking, writing and painting. Losina's Russian art education emphasized versatility and contemporary approaches rather than pure academism, which allowed her to develop the unique methods she uses today. Today, the Losina family owns and operates Prima Materia Art Institute, where they pursue the mission of bringing deep art appreciation to everyone.

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With questions, call (802) 505-7624
Also see: 1-Year Private Art Career Mentorship Program