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Claudia H., a portfolio program student, smiling in front of a portrait she painted in one of our courses. Behind her is a wall decorated with about 30 artworks she created in our classes.
We got our students into:
Art Colleges where PMAI students got accepted

Get into your dream Art College.

For the past 30 years, the PMAI College Portfolio Art Program has helped students get accepted into top U.S. and European art colleges including Parsons, Pratt, Brown, Gnomon, Stanford, UAL, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and more with a 99% success rate.

The program is designed to get you admitted to any college where you would like to study Illustration, Studio Art, Design, Animation, Architecture, Fashion, or any other visual art discipline. The Premier Portfolio is a one-year program that helps you meet or exceed any art college application requirements and prepares you for the challenges of college.

success rate

View portfolios that got them accepted.

$3+ million in scholarships

Program graduates have won over $3 million in merit scholarships from universities – all because of their strong portfolios. Having a strong portfolio helps you stand out from other applicants, increasing your chances to get a scholarship.

Prepare for many schools at once

The program is customized and designed to match the requirements of the schools you're targeting.

Everything you need to apply

The Portfolio Program will provide you with superior art skills, help you create a strong portfolio, even if you have no art right now. You’ll receive full assistance for the complete college application package.

Work from your home
The Program is conducted online through live, hands-on classes, so you can create your portfolio from home, wherever you are in the world.
Rolling enrollment
While we recommend starting at least one year before your college application deadline, you can enroll at any time and we’ll help you catch up.
Student network access
When you enroll, you'll receive access to Discord where you can connect with other students to become a part of our international Portfolio community.
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Our alumni portfolio examples

Many of them joined the Portfolio Program as complete beginners.
View portfolios by our students.

Take a look at what top art schools are

Valentina Castello-Branco
Accepted to UAL
No items found.
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Lucia Jin
Accepted to NYU, OTIS, SAiC, MICA, Pratt, UC Riverside, University of Washington, ArtCenter
No items found.
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Soni Bhambri
Accepted to SCAD, OTIS, Pratt, CCA, Drexel, University of the Pacific, Lesley
No items found.
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Chloe Rady
Accepted to NYU, SAiC
No items found.
View portfolio ->
Nolan Cargill
Accepted to Pratt Institute School of Architecture, Roger Williams, Syracuse, Drexel, University at Buffalo, University of Colorado Denver
No items found.
View portfolio ->
Adrian Gomez
Accepted to USC, SAiC
No items found.
View portfolio ->
Rachel Dinwiddie
Accepted to SAiC
No items found.
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Tasha Lewis
Accepted to LCAD, OTIS, CCA, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, ArtCenter
No items found.
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Katrina Mendoza
Accepted to Parsons, Lesley, Emmanuel College, Pratt, MassArt, Parsons, UMass Amherst
No items found.
View portfolio ->
Mia Fecher
Accepted to Falmouth University, Kingston University, UAL, University for the Creative Arts
No items found.
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Jeremy Hollingsworth
Accepted to Gnomon
No items found.
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Clara Saluta
Accepted to LCAD
No items found.
View portfolio ->
Melis Dede
Accepted to OTIS, LCAD, CCA
No items found.
View portfolio ->
Cynthia Wang
Accepted to Brown
No items found.
View portfolio ->
El Nacio
Accepted to CalArts, Ringling, RISD
No items found.
View portfolio ->
Angeline Dy
Accepted to UCLA
No items found.
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Alejandro Valencia
Taking a gap year
No items found.
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Program principles

We know how to get you accepted

You’ll develop a solid foundation in drawing, painting, and conceptual thinking, and start building your portfolio with the exact specifications of your chosen college. You will participate in portfolio-related projects, classes and courses designed to expand your breadth as an artist, in order for your portfolio to elevate you above your competition.

Create more than the minimum

In the Portfolio Program, you will create more art than the required 15-20 portfolio pieces. Each student makes over a 100 artworks in time for application. Regardless of which college you decide to apply to, we will help you choose your best work to match the portfolio requirements of your dream college.

Get clarity and confidence

You may be coming into the Portfolio program with a vague idea about your future, not sure which college to choose. The program is designed to help you try your hand in many directions so you can experience them before you have to pick your college. You’ll be learning a diverse range of techniques in different mediums, getting confident at drawing and painting, working on multidisciplinary projects, and trying a large number of genres and directions. The program essentially emulates an art college so you’ll feel perfectly prepared, regardless of which college you choose. The Portfolio Program will help you find out where your passion is and get clarity with which university will match your vision the best.


Proudly award-winning

Every year, our students' artworks have been recognized by the Gold and Silver Key awards by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. The Scholastic Awards are the longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in the United States. The awards our students receive strengthen their college applications and help raise their level of confidence and ambition.

A showcase of Gold, Silver, and Honorary Mention Scholastic Awards our students have won over the years.
Chloe, Portfolio Program graduate, standing next to her large-scale copy of Veronese's "The Wedding at Cana" painting.

Get Accepted

Our graduates get admitted to Parsons, NYU, USC, SAiC, UAL, CalArts, LCAD, SCAD, Pratt, Brown, Gnomon, Stanford, RISD, and more.

Cynthia W., Portfolio Program graduate, won 8 Scholastic Awards for her art, 7 out of 8 pieces were created in Prima Materia classes and courses, for example, a drawing she created in the Figure Drawing sessions won a Gold Key award.

Receive Scholarships

Our Portfolio graduates have won over $3 million in merit scholarships – all because of their strong portfolios!

Adrian, Portfolio Program graduate, standing next to his large-scale painting of a figure.

Save Thousands

Students who enroll in Prima Materia’s art college portfolio program save thousands compared to other college preparatory courses.

Veena B., Portfolio Program graduate, happily standing next to her large-scale painting of a jellyfish.

No Skills? No Problem

The College Portfolio Program is designed for all art levels. No previous artistic skill is required to join. You will go from your current level to where you need to be to get accepted to your top college.

Jon C., Portfolio Program graduate, painting his rendition of "The Creation of Adam".

Individualized Curriculum

The program is customized to you based on the colleges you will be applying to. Each application will be adjusted to highlight the artistic qualities specific colleges you are interested in.

Valentina V. is surrounded by her art as she concentrates on projects during the Prima Materia online classes.

group and 1-1 sessions

Unlimited access to all online group classes and courses recordings, one-on-ones with our instructors, and additional Portfolio-Only classes for a year.

What our Portfolio alumni say

Lydia was recruited for the New York Academy of Art and has a show in Tribeca! Her professor was so impressed with her painting skills and asked her where she learned to paint.
Rebecca C.
Parent of Lydia, Portfolio Graduate
Lydia, Portfolio Program graduate, proudly showing off her large-scale painting of a clothed live model.
This school has been amazing in advancing me as an artist and developing a deeper sense of art appreciation. To not take advantage of this program is really crazy. The education you will receive will amaze you. I am beyond grateful.
Sofia P.
Portfolio Program Graduate
Sofia, Portfolio Program graduate, smiling and standing next to one of her first large-scale paintings.
This program has truly been life changing for Travin. It has been a joy to watch her grow and improve so much in such a short time. Thank you!!!
Amanda G.
Parent of Travin, Program Graduate
Travin, portfolio student, smiling while painting her large-scale piece of hands.

What parents say

Portfolio Program Application and Interview

To join the Portfolio Program requires an application and interview.

The applicants to the program are reviewed based on several criteria including their determination, schedule availability, deadlines, and objectives.

You will receive a questionnaire and will be asked to send examples of 5-10 pieces of your work. We accept complete beginners with no art experience in case this does not apply to you.

Once the questionnaire is received, qualified candidates will be invited to an interview. Your interview will take place online with Prima Materia's team and the Founder, Olya Losina, it will last around 20-30 minutes. Our team will ask you about your art experience, your short-term and long-term plans, and ask you to expand on your answers given in the questionnaire.

The tuition is $17,555 for a 12-month program.

Financing available.

We’ve been successfully helping students get into their top art schools for the past 30 years with an unprecedented 99% acceptance success rate. The goal of the Premier Portfolio Program is to help you achieve your dreams, and we must make sure that the program is a perfect fit for you. We commit to your goals and invest our full effort into your art training and college readiness to ensure your success.

The full body of work that students create at Prima Materia will cover an entire studio! This is how portfolios are curated when submissions are due.

How it goes

  1. 1. Apply and schedule your initial consultation. Our team will learn about you and your objectives and we will determine if the CPP is right for you.

  2. 2. If you’re accepted, you will receive a link to pay your tuition and an invitation to the Orientation Meeting.

  3. 3. During your Orientation Meeting, we will discuss the program in detail and which classes and courses are best for you.

  4. 4. For the first phase of the program, you’ll focus on skill-building. This is important because art colleges expect you to already have a specific level of expertise.

  5. 5. The second phase of the program will be devoted to creating your art portfolio, creating impressive projects that are authentically you.

  6. 6. Based on your college application deadlines, the instructors will help you curate a personal collection of your best art pieces for each school. We will assist in any conceptual requirements, creation of your artist statement, and in titling and describing your artworks. You will receive a Letter of Recommendation from your art instructor.

  7. 7. You walk out of the program with the complete submission package and ready to apply to the schools of your choice!

Throughout the program, you’ll have access to our teachers during and after class, as well as in personal one-on-one critique meetings. You can show the instructor work-in-progress or completed pieces for feedback.

Join the college portfolio program
Or call (619) 777-6007

Frequently Asked Questions

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