Private Art Class

With Nikusha Beatty

Nikusha Beatty and her private student, Chloe, standing next to Chloe's completed personalized project.
Private class

One-on-one attention

Private classes are a special way to learn art. Work under the guidance of your own teacher, who will suggest a program that fits you — whether it’s just one class or a whole year of learning.

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Regardless of how good or experienced you are, private classes are a convenient way to learn and enjoy art. Choose when and how often you have classes. Go at your own speed and learn the things that you want to know.

Kids are welcome! Our youngest students are welcome to take private classes (parent presence required for ages 5 - 8).

One-on-one sessions allow for that personalized critique and feedback that can help you identify areas for improvement and set goals for future growth. In addition, it’s an opportunity to build a closer relationship with the teacher, who can serve as a mentor or sounding board for future projects.

Rate: $140/hr
Classes are conducted in-person or online. In-person sessions require a minimum of 2-hours. Sessions that require travel may be subject to additional cost.

"Thank you so much for your techniques and recordings in art so I can be the best artist I can be! Your private lessons have helped and directly caused me to go to my dream art school!"
- Will, private art student

Receive focused guidance from your instructor.
Easier to find the time that works for you.
Focus on
your goals
Unique projects that are created just for you.
Work at
your pace
Learn without the distractions of a group class.

About Nikusha Beatty

Nikusha Beatty is a certified teacher at Prima Materia with seven years of teaching experience. She mentors new students and takes beginners to the next level in the Essential Drawing Course for Beginners. In addition to teaching, Nikusha conducts special workshops and private classes with gifted children, as well as with teens and adults with special needs. She is also a professional artist developing her body of work for gallery representation, with her art being featured in private art collections throughout the US.

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