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Nikusha Beatty

Art Instructor
Nikusha Beatty is a certified instructor at Prima Materia with over 7 years of teaching experience. Her specialty is teaching beginner and intermediate artists how to draw and paint with a variety of mediums.

Nikusha Beatty is a certified teacher at Prima Materia. Nikusha received her teaching credentials at the Prima Materia Teacher Training right after graduating from the two-year Portfolio Program. As a teacher of Foundation Drawing Workshop (“Drawing Made Easy”) she is the mentor whom most new students make their first steps in art. She takes beginners to the next level as they continue in the Essential Drawing Course for Beginners.

Nikusha conducts two weekly courses for students of all levels, where she explains the techniques, introduces the styles of famous artists and does live demonstrations. She is the youngest teacher at Prima, but in her seven-year experience of teaching, she has helped several hundred individuals understand the fundamental concepts of drawing, painting and Color Theory and transition to more advanced classes.

Outside the studio, Nikusha conducts special Team Building painting workshops, works with elementary schools PTAs on art fundraisers and art parties, runs private classes with gifted children, as well as with teens and adults with special needs, mentors emerging artists, and does one-on-one online coaching.

As a professional artist, Nikusha is developing her body of work for gallery representation. Her art is in many private art collections throughout the US.