Art Career Mentorship

Personal 1-Year Coaching Program with Olya Losina

Professional Development for Artists

Art Career Mentorship is a one year program where you will work directly with the Founder of Prima Materia Olya Losina. Working one-on-one with the sought-after art coach, instead of being in her class with other students, is a rare opportunity for the right artist. 

The objective of the Mentorship program is an art career. Artists who struggle on their own usually lack direction, ambition, ideas, and have deficiencies in certain areas of their art-making; in some cases it is technique, in other cases it is self-evaluation, etc. If you are such an artist, you can save yourself from the years of painful self-doubts, ruined canvases, months of dry spells, hours wasted on repainting the same paintings, and desperate attempts to sell your work. The hope of any emerging artist is to transition someday from that inconsistent quality, sparse yield of meaningless art, insecurity and struggle, -- to confident professionalism that allows them to financially support their lifestyle along with personal satisfaction, esteem, and success. You can achieve this goal in one year with the Mentorship program.

Mentorship is customized work face-to-face with the artist. It will include personal projects, art advice, and professional feedback. Having an art expert work with you for a year is your direct access to transforming the dream of becoming an exhibiting and selling professional into reality. You will connect to your best potential, increase productivity, polish your style, and develop a gallery-ready body of work that appeals to curators and art collectors.

Losina has a reputation for helping artists to find their identity. As the founder of Prima Materia and teacher for hundreds of artists, Olya has designed and taught numerous classes, courses, and workshops. Artists who Losina works with acquire the lifelong ability to create independently, produce art of higher quality, learn the psychological strategies of how to get unstuck and switch to the Right-brain mode to silence the inner critic, and become comfortable accepting higher prices for their work. 

In one hour, Olya’s feedback can help you improve any artwork. Imagine what you will be able to accomplish in 12 months working with her as your Mentor. 

Losina will discuss with you your expectations and goals, help you see your strengths and brainstorm ideas, work with you closely to help you build a cohesive and unique body of work with the gallery appeal, reach painting mastery, establish your pricing strategy, broaden your vision of your best potential, create structure in your work, bring accountability, and help you find directions of your artistic expansion. At the end of the Mentorship year, you will have started a productive and successful art career.

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An artist who completed the "Art Career Mentorship Program", sitting in front of his studio, with floor to ceiling art!