Art Career Mentorship

Personal 1-Year Coaching Program with Olya Losina

Professional Development for Artists.

The Art Career Mentorship is a one-year program designed around your needs, where you'll work directly with Prima Materia Art Institute founder Olya Losina. Launch your art career by catalyzing your potential, increasing productivity, and creating a unique body of work in your voice with increased saleability.

The program aims to help artists transition from struggling to successful professionals who make a living from their craft. The mentorship includes guidance on developing a unique artistic voice, creating a professional portfolio, and identifying opportunities for exhibition and sales. Olya Losina has over over 30 years of experience in the industry and will provide insight into the art market and helps artists navigate the complexities of the industry.

Through the program, artists will receive guidance on reorganizing their art studio into a professional, presentable space that inspires creativity and where they can invite curators, gallerists, and art buyers. Additionally, artists will receive guidance in identifying their strongest work and producing a body of work for gallery submissions, as well as turning existing work into series.

With a focus on productivity and accountability, the Art Career Mentorship Program encourages artists to develop a consistent work practice and set achievable goals. The mentorship also includes critiques and feedback on artwork, helping artists to refine their skills and achieve their full potential. By participating in this mentorship program, artists can gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to pursue a fulfilling career in the arts.

Application required.

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An artist who completed the "Art Career Mentorship Program", sitting in front of his studio, with floor to ceiling art!