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Undergraduate Art College Admission Requirements

Gnomon, School of VFX, Games & Animation

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Requirements summary

Your portfolio will be judged on 4 cornerstones of admissibility: refinement, creativity, technical proficiency, relevance. Portfolio pieces should display creativity and artistic range. Sketchbooks are a welcome addition and are considered a single piece. Examples of entertainment art are highly recommended and can include characters, environments, vehicles, and props. Other artists' work is not considered an appropriate reference source, with the exception of pieces created in 3D from 2D concepts. Artwork created directly from a tutorial is not considered an original piece and should not be submitted.

All mediums are accepted: this can include, but is not limited to; anatomical studies figurative and gestural pieces, hard surface and perspective renderings, traditional and digital paintings, sculpture, graphic design, 3D art animation, motion graphics, photography.

Since Gnomon provides placement in the industry, they expect a very high level of artistic skill. Candidates considered for acceptance into the BFA program must already convey an intermediate-level foundation in traditional art and/or design, or possess strong proficiency in computer graphics. Ideal candidates have received formal art training in the form of individual art courses or intensive self-teaching.

Since the cost of submission is high and this is a competitive school, we recommend having a professional look over your portfolio before you submit. Schedule a free consultation with Prima Materia to see if you're ready to apply to Gnomon.

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Gnomon, School of VFX, Games & Animation

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