Home assignment:

A Walk Down Memory Lane



Photo Reference

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Week 2:

To-Do before next week

  • If working on unstretched canvas, make sure your image and canvas are congruent.

If you're painting on large canvas, you will use a lot of paint. If you want an economical alternative to acrylic, you can use latex or house paint. Home Depot can color match any color you need.

When ordering latex paint, ask for:

  • Water-based
  • Flat or matte finish
  • Sample size or pint size, depending on how much you want / how big your canvas is

While you're at Home Depot, you can also get large brushes for cheap, such as this 4-inch brush for less than $5, compared to a similar brush found at Blick for $37.

Week 1:

To-Do before next week

  • Finish your 4 studies from class.
  • If you struggled with creating tonal values with your 4 studies, recreate the 4 tonal scales I showed you in the slideshow.
  • Find at least 5 photos that you want to use for the course. I recommend finding images that are at least one generation older than you.
  • Prepare your studio with the large scale canvas.

If you're working with unstretched canvas,

  • On an easel, you'll need a large support board and clamps
  • On the wall, you'll need push pins and pinning the canvas into the wall (we recommend colorful pushpins because they're easier to see if they are dropped or fall off)

If you're working on stretched canvas, I recommend painting on an easel.

Artist Examples

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Group Photos

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