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  1. Choose several simple objects (an apple, book, glass, bottle, pear, etc.) and place them spaced apart on your desk or kitchen counter.
  2. Use a new page for this drawing. You will be creating this drawing from observation.
  3. From all the compositional options that you have (or could have) created in class, choose one you find conceptually interesting and intriguing to a potential viewer.
  4. Make this drawing look completed and refined: add dimension to your objects by means of tonal values and shadows, and express the texture of all the surfaces.
  5. Utilize any style of shading you want!
  6. Be prepared to justify your thinking behind your composition and explain what you are trying to say by composing it that particular way. It is recommended that you express your explanation in writing to help yourself clarify your idea.
  7. Title your drawing! The concept behind your drawing should be clear to you, so you can succinctly express it through your title.
  8. When done, sign it! Then, place it on the wall and view your piece from a distance.

Please bring your piece, title, and explanation to the next class!

Write down a list of all the things (as many as you can think of) you’ve realized from the composition exercise. There are about 50 new ideas that were built in that lesson! Can you come up with 15-20?

Examples of student work:

Student drawing by Richard S.
Student drawing by Robin F.

Artist Examples

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