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Drawing Animals



Photo Reference

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Week 3:

1. Find a photo reference that you'll use for the second drawing. Any animal will do, as long as it's real and you're working from a photo.

When finding a photo, keep these in mind:

  • Visual interest
  • Contrast in tone (lights and shadows)
  • Composition
  • What feature(s) you'll make the color of the paper

2. Choose the color of your paper. The color can be either chosen based on the image or based on the emotion you want to express/the mood you want to set. If you can't decide on your final image or color of paper, we will have time to discuss that next week.

Week 1:

Continue drawing. Remember that you are intentionally leaving the color of the paper in your drawing! If you ever feel stuck, step back, take a photo, and allow your artwork to "marinate". We are continuing this drawing next week, so take your time and enjoy the process.

Artist Examples

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Group Photos

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