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PART A: Complete your classroom landscape drawing. Take it to the doneness that clearly shows:

  • the areas of the foreground with a variety of textures and high degree of detail
  • depth of shadows
  • softness of distant planes
  • luminosity of lit areas

Spray your drawing and Texture Chart with Workable Fixative. I recommend putting your Texture Chart in a clear protective sleeve and keep it beside you as you draw.

PART B: To create a conscious awareness of the mind’s shift, in writing describe in a couple of paragraphs your experience with this drawing. Analyzing may feel like re-living the process which helps you wrap your brain around it. Verbalizing the process of drawing helps your mind seal the new skills. Use these questions as prompts:

  • Analyze your experience of both the struggles and effortlessness with the project
  • Have you noticed a moment where your brain wants you to do something and you argue by saying, “I don’t think so”?
  • Which thoughts caused the resistance and during what moment in the project?
  • What awakened the feeling of ease and playfulness?
  • Which tools and tips helped you attain that feeling and maintain that effortlessness (R-brain mode)?

Super bonus

This assignment may require some travel! Have fun with it!

  1. Take a few photographs of an area in nature that has a lot of texture which makes the image cluttered, complex, and even a little confusing:
  2. a creek with reeds, reflections, weeping willows, and bushes, etc
  3. a mountainous area with textured rocks and vegetation
  4. a garden with entwined tree branches, flowers, and climbing vines, etc
  5. Print your image, then follow the same steps we took in class to make a drawing from it.

Artist Examples

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