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Acrylic Paints - Limited Palette

A limited acrylic palette means to restrict the number of colors you have to the bare minimum. Painting with a limited palette is great for those who are learning how to color mix; if you introduce too many colors onto your palette at once without knowing how different pigments interact with one another, your mixtures can become muddy. Knowing how to properly color mix turns a limited palette into an unlimited amount of mixtures, and you can replicate basically any color you need with just a few pigments, while at the same time keeping your color harmony consistent.

You may be wondering why magenta is listed as a pigment when red, a similar color, is already included. The reason is because a true magenta cannot be made through other pigments! Including magenta in your limited palette will allow you to create beautiful violets when mixed with blue, since magenta and blue are both cool in temperature. This means you have the entire color spectrum available, allowing you to mix a wide variety of hues and tones. Once you're familiar with pigments and want to explore introducing more colors, you can begin to work with an expanded palette.

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