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Azure S.

School Administrator
Azure S. is Prima Materia's School Administrator, specializing in onboarding new Portfolio students, and handling scheduling appointments and answering any questions about PMAI.

Azure S. is a vital member of the Prima Materia team as the School Administrator, with a particular expertise in onboarding new Portfolio students. Her warm and welcoming demeanor makes her the perfect person for this role, as she is often the first point of contact for new students and their families. Azure's primary responsibilities include scheduling appointments, answering questions, and serving as a liaison between parents, teachers, and students.

With a keen eye for detail, Azure ensures that all necessary paperwork and documentation are in order, allowing new students to seamlessly transition into their new academic environment. She is an excellent communicator, providing clear and concise information to students and parents alike, while also being able to effectively communicate any concerns or issues to the appropriate parties. She makes sure that all students are well taken care of, and that their academic experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Her dedication to her work and her caring nature make her an essential part of the team.