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This bundle gives you instant access to all 18 videos from 3 different courses:

The Drawing Techniques Bundle is a collection of three courses that cover diverse subject matter and crucial drawing techniques.

Begin your exploration with Drawing Animals, a course perfect for both novices and seasoned artists. Learn the nuances of working with black and white conté on colored surfaces, leveraging tonal paper to create vibrant monochromatic yet colorful animal drawings. From the basics to advanced techniques, master portraying wild and domestic creatures while harnessing the background color for fur or mane, and delve into creative nuances like glowing eyes or radiant peacock tails.

Next, immerse yourself in the intricacies of Drawing Drapery. Discover the artistry behind fabric portrayal through six weeks of dedicated studies. Drawing inspiration from masterful depictions by Bernini, da Vinci, Dürer, and Michelangelo, understand the fluidity and geometry of folds, enhancing your ability to depict movement and dimension in your artwork.

Conclude your journey with Techniques of Soft Pastel, where you'll delve into the vibrant world of color. Learn the fundamental aspects of soft pastels, from blending colors to painting landscapes and still lifes. Understand color mixing, various application techniques, and the unique depth soft pastels offer, allowing your subjects to come alive with richness and drama.

This bundle equips you with a spectrum of skills, from animal depiction to fabric rendering and the expressive use of soft pastels, providing a comprehensive toolkit to elevate your drawing capabilities and artistic expression.

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