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This bundle gives you instant access to all 12 videos from 3 different courses:

The "Freedom in Painting Bundle" is where artistic exploration is celebrated and creative liberation is experienced.

Begin by channeling the spirit of Francis Bacon's unconventional approach, where intention meets chance. In Expressive Distortion Inspired By Francis Bacon, explore the tightrope between realism and abstraction, painting portraits with both brushes and a surprising tool—your shoe. Embrace mistakes as opportunities, uncovering unexpected creativity by letting go of control.

In Figure And Pentimenti: The Art Of Change, immerse yourself in pen and ink figure drawing, embracing initial flaws and employing "pentimenti" for immediate improvements. Transform unintentional lines into masterful touches, discovering how observation-driven corrections enrich artworks and foster a lighter, spontaneous approach to figure sketching.

Finally, delve into Fauve Landscapes, a six-class journey into Fauvist painting techniques. Explore intense color and expressive brushwork while capturing the vibrant energy of nature through three studies and a final more refined piece depicting boats on water. Discover the psychology of color and infuse your art with brighter palettes, more expressive brushstrokes, and the raw vitality of Fauvism.

This bundle invites artists to break free from fear, embrace mistakes, and explore vibrant expressions, fostering freedom and spontaneity in painting through unconventional methods, self-correction, and the energy of Fauvist exploration.

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