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Introductory Art Class

This class is a perfect entry point into Prima Materia – “Drawing Made Easy” will introduce you to our unique style of Right-Brain teaching, which is an accelerated way of learning how to draw.

Drawing by Isabel Morelli

Drawing Made Easy for the Complete Beginner

Saturday, November 11, 2023
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
Pacific Time
Online via Zoom

Here is what Olya Losina, the creator of this class, says about it:

If you have never felt comfortable with drawing, if you think that learning to draw takes a long time, or never had any drawing experience at all, you are invited to a class where you can learn to draw in just one hour. Regardless of your conviction that you "lack talent", you will discover that you do have artistic potential. 

I know it is hard to believe. Over the years, there has not been a single participant (most of whom were absolute beginners), who after completing this class did not say: “Wow, drawing is easy!” Even if you are not a complete beginner, even if you paint, or had some classes that did not impress you and didn’t help you to draw well, even if you had taught yourself how to draw, this class will open your eyes to common blindspots about drawing. It means that this class will even help artists. 

In this class you will understand the basic principles of drawing, get clarity for how drawing is done, what makes it work and why, while creating your own rendering of an object. Your drawing will look realistic and three dimensional, and will feel like you were having bliss. In short, you will learn how to draw - it is the promise of this online class.

The described above profound shift stems from the new approach (similar to Betty Edwards “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”) to teaching the mind, based on the way the brain likes to learn. I developed this teaching method as a part of accelerated art training.

It helped transform thousands of beginners into artists.

It removes the mental barrier that exists in the brain of an adult, to approaching any brand-new discipline that the mind has already deemed “difficult”. This method shows that drawing is never too late to start. The belief that learning to draw requires years is one of those brain-patterns that this class proves to be superficial. After the 60 minutes of following the teacher’s instructions, you will know the techniques for how to create dimension and depth, light and shadow, and the optical effect of 3D. 

You will overcome your self-doubts and may even recall how drawing used to feel when you were a child.

You will discover that you can learn this skill with ease, and maybe the reason you never were able to, was because nobody showed you how and explained it in a way you’d understand. 

When you are guided step by step, from making the first line to finishing drawing, the process becomes familiar and comfortable. The beginners are surprised by how well they were able to draw.

After this class, you too will be able to say that drawing is easy.

“This lesson is a way to resurrect your natural drawing ability. After that, if you decide that you want to develop it further, the same skillful instructor can help you make it possible. After this class, many beginners want an opportunity to continue. It is like an appetizer before the main course. If, after you have experienced this breakthrough, you realize how much you've enjoyed it, you can join the Essential Drawing Course for Beginners. This twelve-week course is offered to those who always had a desire to draw well. The 12-week course is also taught online, with the same deep learning method - meaning, that it engages your mind in learning the key drawing techniques on a deep level and helps suspend the mental block. 

After this one-hour experience, it becomes easy to see that if you’ve been able to learn that much in just one hour, you will be completely comfortable with drawing in twelve lessons! The Essential Drawing Course is very beginner-friendly but the benefit is massive: you will be able to draw anything you want. 

If you have any questions about the course, you can get answers during this class. 

"Drawing Made Easy" is very easy to join.

Materials are just a pencil, paper, and eraser.

It is only one hour.

It is online.

I.e. it is convenient for participating from wherever you are. All of that makes the Drawing Made Easy class an opportunity for every beginner adult to awaken the creative ability that is naturally inside them.

You can do this class with friends (even long-distant!) or buy it as a gift!

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